SHO Them Close!

 Throughout the site and our social media, you will see us frequently use the "SHO them Close" motto throughout and it means a lot to us for two reasons.  

1. Well we better enjoy having fish close to us, as our belt buckles sit nice and tight. “We got that going for us, which is nice!” Caddyshack, anyone?

2. In addition, the staff and supporters of Safety Harbor Outfitters are not embarrassed or afraid to hold our fish close to our body for photos. We are not the type of people that need to compensate for being inadequate elsewhere by holding their fish out with extended arms for a photo. We all know who they are!

We hope you join us in correcting this mistake of epic proportions in the fishing industry! This may be a bit of an over exaggeration, but please join us in the fight! Let’s bring the fight to the Instagram “influencers!”  #SHOthemClose 

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