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Buy a LOCAL Fly

Safety Harbor Outfitters is constantly seeking new and exciting ways to assist with conservation. We love our waters and want our waters to be preserved for future generations to enjoy as much as we have. Unfortunately, preservation is a constant battle with others who may not have the same respect for our waters as we do. At the moment, this fight currently has no end in sight! We are extremely fortunate to have Tampa Bay Waterkeeper take charge and many other groups need all the help they can get. Our waters will not be the same in the future unless action is taken now! Buy a LOCAL Fly, Save the Water Supply!

To help do our part, SHO has collaborated with amazing local fly tyers who are also passionate about conservation. Please go give them a follow and a big thank you on Instagram!

All of these fly tyers have donated a limited quantity of flies for SHO to sell at a discount. SHO will donate 100% of all fly sales directly to Tampa Bay Waterkeeper to help support the fight. If you are looking to purchase some flies, this is the place to get them!  If we don't have the fly you are looking for today, let us know what it is and we will make it happen!  

Our goal is to highlight a handful of fly tyers at a time. As their flies sell out, we will welcome new fly tyers to donate their amazing flies to keep it going! 

I know many of the SHO family may not be into fly fishing, but eventually you will come around! Either way, we are looking to do the same with fishing lures. If you have any new or older lures to donate, we would love to chat and make that happen as well!  Thank you everyone for your support! 

The Belt Buckle Beginning

It all started with us wanting a unique fishing buckle as it seemed like a cool thing to have and may give us some additional fishing powers. At a minimum just look awesome and be able to brag to my fishing friends over a beer! However, all we could find was belts with different fishing designs and patterns. It wasn’t enough and we wanted more, so the journey began. It was a long process as we wanted to get it right. These tenants were of utmost importance.

  • Custom Made
    • Only available via Safety Harbor Outfitters
  • Must be Made in America!
    • All buckles and belts are designed and made in America!
  •  Must be strong and stand up to the wear/tear of anglers
    • All buckles are made from lead-free pewter, which was chosen for its strength and resistance to the elements including saltwater.
    • The buckle loop is made from brass also known for its inherent qualities with saltwater.
    • Every sport belt is handmade by us, so you know it’s getting done right. 
  • Must be comfortable
    • Our buckles lay flat to ensure a comfortable fit. Special consideration was taken by rounding of the various fins, the slight bend, and the dimensions. SHO Them Close!
  • Must have the WOW factor
    • The goal is to make our buckles realistic, but also give them some character! 

We believe we nailed it and hopefully you do too.  We hope you enjoy our Sebastian buckle and plan on creating additional buckles in the future.

SHO Them Close!

 Throughout the site and our social media, you will see us frequently use the "SHO them Close" motto throughout and it means a lot to us for two reasons.  

1. Well we better enjoy having fish close to us, as our belt buckles sit nice and tight. “We got that going for us, which is nice!” Caddyshack, anyone?

2. In addition, the staff and supporters of Safety Harbor Outfitters are not embarrassed or afraid to hold our fish close to our body for photos. We are not the type of people that need to compensate for being inadequate elsewhere by holding their fish out with extended arms for a photo. We all know who they are!

We hope you join us in correcting this mistake of epic proportions in the fishing industry! This may be a bit of an over exaggeration, but please join us in the fight! Let’s bring the fight to the Instagram “influencers!”  #SHOthemClose 

The Blog

Here at Safety Harbor Outfitters we take our products and fishing serious, but we definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously. That's our belief and hope our followers follow suit.

Our goal is to provide some light reading for our followers and also get your takes on various subjects. It will be fun, probably goofy and sometimes maybe even controversial for some. That's who we are and don't plan on changing! We welcome your feedback and hope to grow as a company with you.

The blog will be a mixture of educational information, fishing events, rambling thoughts, fishing trips (the good, the bad, and the ugly, mainly ugly!), and upcoming product announcements.

If there is a certain topic that you would like for us to discuss, please let us know.

We look forward to BSing with you!