Sizing Guidelines



For Best Results:

1. Rummage through you closet and find a belt you frequently wear.
2. Extend the belt and lay it flat on the ground or a countertop.
3. Use a tape measure and measure from the very tip of the prong all the way back to the belt hole most frequently used.
4. This measurement in inches will be the size to order.

For Fair Results:

I hate to even list this option and I may even regret it, but I am betting the majority of my customers would rather be lost then ask or follow directions! So here we are! Use the following charts based off your waist size. Be aware this option increases the likelihood of not having the perfect fit on the first time. However, we will figure it out!  When in doubt, go a size larger!

Sport Belts

Leather Belts


  • Waist size - the measurement of your waist
  • Buckle Prong to Center Hole -  This is the distance from the buckle prong to the middle eyelet hole of the eyelets. This size is the perfect fit!
  • Will fit these pant sizes - Each belt has holes spaced an inch a part on center to allow for some extra comfortable space for those long days at the sand bar. The red font is the center hole, the perfect fit!
    • Sport Belts - seven belt holes
    • Leather Belts - five belt holes
  • Perfect Fit - If you have a waist size of 30, the 32 size should be the best fit!

We also offer custom size orders including women sizes, please email us at for custom orders and we will make it happen!