Q: Where are you located at?

A: We are an online company based out of Safety Harbor, FL and always happy to deliver locally for free. We are also seeking opportunities to sell through stores across Florida where it's a good fit. Stay tuned!

Q: Are you related to company XYZ?

A: We are solely owned and operated, but we do partner with other companies that align to our values.

Q: Do you only fly fish?

    A: We do all things fishing, but we definitely lean a bit harder into inshore and also fly fishing. If you are considering getting into fly fishing, we can provide product recommendations and also some instruction. Let us know!

    Q: Do you plan on any meetups?

    A: Sure do, please follow us on Instagram for all SHO news.

    If you have any other questions or just want to talk fishing, we are always happy to chat: staff@safetyharboroutfitters.com